Multiple windows

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
I have no idea how hard this would be but I find it helpful when working the client on the design in PowerPoint to be able to open 2 windows to the same file and have them both update the same file and have changes made in one window are reflected in the other. Frequently we need to look at a one part of the course as we design/develop another. When doing so, we discover that changes need to be made in both places. With PowerPoint or Word, you can make those changes in either open window and save and get the changes made in BOTH windows.With Lectora, you can open a second window BUT the changes made in one OVERWRITE the changes made in the other. So I have to make changes in one place, then navigate to the other and make changes there and then back to the first place. Sometimes I have made changes in the wrong one and lost the changes in the other. Sigh.benEdited By: bpitman on 2006-3-24 10:36:33