Global Chapter TOC

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
I have a group of items that I include on the first page of each section. One of them is a TOC that covers the chapter. It lets the learner know where they are in the chapter -- not just from the number of pages point of view but rather how the whole thing fits together. The problem comes in that I have to put a new instance of the TOC on each page I want it on instead of putting one at the title level and then excluding it where I don't want it. (When the pages are built by copying template pages from elsewhere in the title, this is easy.) It appears that a TOC at the title level CANNOT specify a Scope of the Chapter. It must be the entire title. If I want to make a change in a title with 10 chapters and 4 sections/chapter, this means 40 pages have to be changed, not just the global one at the title level. Would be real nice to be able to be enable this.benEdited By: bpitman on 2006-3-23 12:17:25