Wrapping existing HTML Content

dannorris Community Member Posts: 37
Ben - that won't address their bookmarking issues.If you're going to use IFRAMES to wrap the content, you'll have to have Lectora (the parent wrapper) communicate with the IFrame window - back and forth.If you want tracking functionality in addition to simply presenting "linked" content, and you only want to use one lectora page to display the entire earlier course, then get someone to write you some javascript to communicate with the IFrame window (ie: track the current location of the IFrame, set Lectora (parent) variables from within the IFrame,etc.)You might consider (which would make your tracking job easier but assembly time longer) putting an IFrame on every page, and only importing (linking as the source) one page of the earlier course per lectora/iframe page.That's assuming that the content pre-exists as html files.