Additional GoTo Selections

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
Ok...I think I misunderstood what you were asking for. I think you want a button that can be inherited by each chapter so you don't have to recreate the button in each chapter. That would be helpful. Right now you only have two ways of doing it that I can is to create a goto start of chapter button in each chapter and have it go to the start of the chapter. The other way approaches what you want to do but I am not sure it is any easier.......What you could do is create a variable (flag) that changes value each time you enter a new chapter. The value, for example, could be "1" for chapter 1, "2" for chapter 2 etc. Then you could create a button at the book level (that would then be inherited) that contains, say 10 actions for 10 will goto chapter 1 if the value of flag variable is 1, chapter 2 if the value of the flag variable is 2 etc.But you are certainly would be a lot easier to have a simple goto choice....don't know how difficult that would be to put in.