Finding Where You Used Objects/ Variables

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
Several times in the last few months I wish I could find all the places I used a particular graphic or a variable. For the graphic, I wanted to change it but did not want to mess up any pages that used it. I had no easy way of finding all those pages. SOLUTION: (Not great but it does work!)Start by exporting your title to XML (File > Export > XML). Then just double click on the XML file and it should open right up in your browser. It might take a bit because it is quite long. Then you can do Find (usually Ctrl-F and a find dialog box opens up.) Key in the object name you are looking for, say diagram1.gif. When you find it, on the line before it you will find the resource id. Change your Find to search for the id, not the original name. See example below:- diagram1.gif Then scroll back up the page looking for page id. On the line below it will be the page name. - Introduction A bit of a hassle but it still works. ben