LMS Commits

mvogler Community Member Posts: 6
Mark -I am a KnowledgePlanet LMS user as well and have experienced the same issue with LMS commits being done on exit of each page. If fact, you are using SCORM 1.2 integration with KP if you are on a pre-6.6 build ... so you probably are having to set status from within a Lectora course per my experiences. I have to have a landing page after each test for pass results and fail results out of the test just to get the status of pass or fail committed to the LMS. All that being said, I'm pretty sure this really doesn't have anything to do with KP. It seems to me the Lectora like almost all SCORM integrations I have worked on uses the OnUnLoad command to commit values back to the LMS. I'm sure the experts will correct me if I'm wrong ... hopefully! ;)Anyway, I've had to do some rework of .js scripts for other course integrations get values committed OnLoad versus OnUnLoad to fix some issues. Long story short, the fix is interesting and I'm going to try it. I'd like to hear about your results and your experience with SCORM integrations with KP. I"m going to try this fix this week if I have time.My email just in case it isn't posted somewhere with this post is [email protected]