LMS Commits

mvogler Community Member Posts: 6
I haven't heard of this specific problem from any other clients. Since the bookmark information changes quite frequently when navigating from page to page, Lectora will only commit this information to the LMS upon course exit in order to reduce network traffic and speed up the time it takes to load pages. So if the student happens to leave the course with without clicking on the exit button (either force closing the window or system failure), they may loose the bookmark information.There are a couple of ways you can force the data to get saved without making the student exit the course. You can add an action on the page that will do this. Make it on show, go to, web address, and for URL type: javascript:LMSCommit()That action will cause all of the student's data to get saved to the LMS as soon as the page is displayed. You could place this action at the title level so that it is inherited on every page and they will always have the bookmarked saved. However, please keep in mind that this could cause the course to load a lot slower, especially for students on slower connections such as a 56k modem. If you are storing test question interactions, it will also have to resend all of the interactions as well if the student as been through the test at least one time.