SCORM design reference

mfbrenna Community Member Posts: 3
ADLNet is a great resource. However, instead of downloading the SCORM documentation which is pretty technical ... stick with the SCourse and maybe even SCORM School. The SCourse is an easy download and explains a lot of the basics. The most important aspect to all of this is time with your clients to see how their LMS interprets the SCORM. Are they SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004? Did they get the ADL stamp of approval for conformance? Do they have their own LMS-based SCORM reference materials for develepers (most do)? Do they have examples of previous SCORM material?It's critical you see what their interpretation is of the SCORM. In my experience, they are all quite different. I know ... it seems to defeat the purpose of the SCORM. Believe me, ADL is working on it and SCORM 2004 does a pretty good job of eliminating a ton of the guesswork. The biggest two things you need to get straight in your head is 1) how the content is loaded and launched and 2) what variables are expected in the LMS.There are several design considerations to be accounted for by looking at an existing SCORM course because of these two items. You'll see how the content is launched, status used for SCOs, etc. I cannot stress this step enough.Good luck.