SCORM design reference

mfbrenna Community Member Posts: 3
Hi all,I am a brand-spanking-new user. In the past, I have created web-based training which I hosted on an intranet web server. Now I've just started a contract with a company that uses Lectora and NetG, and I need to be sure I can post my course to their Learning Management System (LMS). I fear I will develop a course in Lectora that will break if I overlook technical aspects of SCORM compliance. Can anyone recommend a book or some reference that will tell me how to design my course to be SCORM compliant? If there are any technical references that will help me avoid pitfalls as I design the course in Lectora, I would be estatic to hear about them. I've read a little bit about SCORM, but I dread the idea that technical glitches could crash my site once I try to post to the LMS. If anyone has any reference that helped them in this area, please let me know.Thanks a million!Maureen