How to Give Feedback for Several Question

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763

aaron wrote:

Instead of displaying the feedback in a popup window, use a text box instead. When the questions are answered incorrectly, have an action show the text box. Layer the textbox on top, you can even include a button inside the text box to proceed to the next page.
The problem i run into having text boxes for feedbacks or even questions is that the buttons they are over are still active through the text box itself (if that make sense at all). So when I click on the question button, my question text box appears and overlays the page and other question buttons. But you can still click through the text box and display another question which then overlays the first question. So it turns into a big mess. Any suggestions, solutions? I did get around it by having multiple actions but for each questions I need to do that... boy that gets old reallly quick.Thanks for the suggestions in advance.