Lectora Interface Color

badbob Community Member Posts: 22
Yes, I understand that, but how can I change the look of lectora without changing my entire theme? It looks like you are trying to mimic the look of MS office apps, except all my office apps are silver, so that is obviously not where you are pulling the color from.I went into the Advanced Appearance dialog, and looked at all the color settings it offered me. Changing the color for sensable ones like "application background" and "window" has no effect, and I made sure that none of the colors in there were set to orange, yet lectora still comes up orange.Of course I see in the dialog that if you select a them other than windows classic, these color choices will likely be overided. Perhaps this is a windows problem. You could blame my theme, but none of my other apps are orange.I just want to know, where exactly are you guys pulling this color from? Registry edits do not frighten me.