nekvinda Community Member Posts: 2
There is no switch that I know of. Best I can think of is you would have to have a page with one action for each question where it set the question variable to the correct answer. Then when you went to the page, the correct answer would show with check marks or the right radio buttons, and fill in the blank. Don't think it works with drag and drop questions.In any case it is a lot of work and I don't think it would be better than your manual method other than if you made any changes, you could just print a fresh copy from the executable version. Even worse, there is no way to print all the pages in a title in published form. Best you can do is print the current page. Browser limitation, not Lectora. Now, here is a work/around. On each question as you build it, highlight the correct answer using a text box with no text and just a border (or whatever you want here to do to highlight). You attach an action to it that says: On Show: Hide the box so that when running the assessment, it never shows. However, when you print the page from Lectora, the box shows. Even better, you can print multiple pages instead of just one at a time. You may have to be sure the box is on the bottom. Not as good as being able to throw a global switch, but definitely a good thing. You could save the text box and action in your library and just drag it on to every page you need it on. Again, does not work for drag and drop and probably not real well for drag and drop. You could fill in the box and place it over a fill in the blank question for that one.luck, benSorry, ben.