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Yes it is 2006. I do not plan to reinvent the wheel and convert it back to 2005. Sorry. This is a labor of love, not money. Three things:1. I am willing to help you. Look at the HTML that you can see directly on line and let me know if there is anything of particular interest. I may be able to send you just that part.2. I can try exporting to XML. Then you can download and import. I will do that tonite. If you can open that, please please let me know how successful it was so I can tell others. Trivantis says this is the way one transfers to earlier versions. Of course, 2006 features go away.3. Check out this url as a way to justify 2006 to your boss. Try 600% ROI!, benEdited By: bpitman on 2006-4-4 14:58:37