Test scores with Saba LMS

websam Community Member Posts: 4
I am a non-programmer and fairly new to Lectora. I've looked through the forums and didn't see anything that quite covered this situation:We have a course with a test that is tracked in Saba 3.4. They want test scores passed (both passing and failing); however, if the student doesn't pass at 80%, they want the course to be marked incomplete in the LMS. When I include the test in the scoring, a failing score moves the course into transcripts. If I don't include the test and include the lesson status manually, I can get the course to move to transcripts ('completed') when passed and stay in enrollments ('incomplete') until it is passed; however, it doesn't include the scores. Saba told me that when the LMS receives a score when the mastery score is set, it ignores the lesson_status and evaluates pass/fail with the score. They suggested that we try removing the mastery score (which doesn’t appear possible) or don’t send a score until the course is passed (which I don’t know how to do).Any help would be appreciated.