lectora exe receiving data

rupertab Community Member Posts: 61
Hi there,Here is my problem.We need to make a main menu which will run 6 courses (lectora exes) off this menu. Somebody is very keen to have it work in such a way that they login once at the main menu and then DON'T have to login on each individual course. This would mean that the menu must pass some data to the lectora exes. Can't see how you can do this.I am interested in if anybody has achieved what I wish to do even though it may be via a different method. I have had various people at work say suggestions like "oh you could write out the session to a text file and read it from there". In reality, don't see how you achieve such a thing with lectora exe. If it was just html lectora then things could start to happen via the external html object. With the exe I don't have this privilege.As always, your knowledge is appreciated.