flash and lectora

edstuckey Community Member Posts: 5
I have a flash component that I wish to use on multiple pages in lectora. I'm passing a variable to the swf that will load in an image that can be enlarged/shrunk etc.Currently I'm using the 1 swf and hardcoding the name of the HTML published object name into the flash getURL command. getURL("javascript:window.document.swfanim175.SetVariable('t est', VarmyVariable.getValue())");This works fine for 1 page, but when I use it on another page I'm given a new object name for the same swf and the code will not work.I can manually change the object name in the published HTML pages so they are all the same ... which works but it is not ideal for the client to do this everytime they publish their project. I need a solution that will allow the them to easily change the image that is being loaded into the swf from within lectora.Any help / ideas would be appreciatedCheers