Assessment Popups

aselman Community Member Posts: 33
Not sure what you mean by "Where is it at?" If you are asking where you specify the feedback pages, the answer is on each question, you can specify a different feedback page or you can use the default. Problem is that it does not plug your feedback into the page, it just displays the page. Now that is no problem if your pages are relatively simplistic saying "Correct" and "Try again" or something. But if you want different feedback on each question (much better instructional design) giving the learner some idea what they did wrong and either the correct answer or how to find the correct answer, then these additional pages are likely to be a lot of work. I guess you could create a template in a separate chapter and have all the pages in the chapter look pretty much the same. Then just jump in and fill in the positive and the negative response pages. Still, seems like a lot of pages.luck,ben