Progress Bar

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
Wow this is fabulous, Ben.As for all the 2007 users out there who need more customization to the progress bar than what the built-in object allows, this is for you. For me, the black border of the built-in was a show stopper.However, there are a few modifications necessary in order for this to work.Bring the gfx to the same level where HTML objects reside (mine are underneath the AU). Turn the visibility off.It appears that the minimum div height for IE is 19px. Make your fill and stroke images this height and you should be able to position it perfectly. If you make your gfx transparent gifs, this should be no problem. Just expand the canvas size to this minimum dimension.In action 3, change the value to the width of your fill graphic. This is probably obvious as a 100px progress bar might be too small...In action 4, I could not get this to work as written, but was able to resize the original graphic.Action 4: Change Width of fillOn: ShowAction: Size toTarget: Lectora name for the fill graphic--- Value: Width: VAR(BarWidth) Height: 19Group your 2 HTML objects and graphics and you'll have a nice progress bar group.