modify variable in html external object

rupertab Community Member Posts: 61
Getting very frustrated. This should be very simple but I'm wasting a lot of time and not getting anywhere.I have set a variable called container in lectora.I have an external html object set to other. Whether it should be set to other or not I have no idea. Anway, the external html object contains the following,function getnumber(){Varcontainer = "3";}I run the function from a button and it sets container to 3. And via an alert function I can see that it has changed it to 3.However on another button I have fucntionality to set a textbox to the contents of variable container. It just errors with "object does not support this property or method".My question is very simple. If you manipulate a variable in an external html object, whether that variable originates within lectora or has been created within the html object, how can you display the contents of that variable in lectora? Anybody who has used external html object must have modified variables and then used them back in lectora but I can't. How do you do it?Cos this is driving me mad.Thanks.