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This is becoming a very popular topic on these forums!First let me refer you to the General Discussion forum on Submitting Forms to an Access Database and another General discussion forum on "email testing errors". Even if you want it emailed to you, that has a good discussion of submitting to a cgi script.If you are giving the test to people on a restricted network, the Lectora email choice works fine as long as the server your html files are on also have an smtp server working as well. The smtp server should be restricted to only send email from the subnet's IP addresses to prevent someone outside using the smtp server to send email spam.If the people are taking the course from all over (work networks, home networks etc.) this won't work. Instead you have to write a cgi program that accepts the data and emails the data out to an address you specify. Again smtp services should be on the server but to prevent spamming, the smtp server should be setup to restrict outbound mail to the server's IP address only.You will now have to find out what server OS and Internet server your course is going to reside on. If it is a Linux box, I can't help you directly but I could probably find someone who could....perhaps a community member could post the code on how to do it.If, however, you are running your course on a Windows 2000 server with IIS5 or a Windows 2003 server with IIS6 I will post the code to do it below. IIS5 and IIS6 are a little different so make sure you remove the code for the version you aren't using. You will have your lectora created form submit to cgi and you will put this cgi in the same directory as all of your html files....if you don't do this you will need to put in the path to the file in the textbox where you select submit to cgi.I will post the code in the next message. Copy and paste it out, modify it for your variables, and delete the IIS version you don't have. Again, make sure smtp services are running on your server with IP restricted to the server itself.Edited By: tekprof on 2006-1-1 14:3:15