possible bug submission?

bomski Community Member Posts: 10
Hi guys,Apologies if this is the wrong place for bug submission; but i may have come across one. I've been working with Lectora for a few days now (we're looking at it as a replacement for our eLearning delivery platform).A little background to the problem...We currently produce flash animations for training, and previously the flash loaded audio dynamically. However, when the flash was published through Lectora, i could not get the sound to work (utilising the sound.soundLoad function in flash - local path (such as s.soundLoad("sound.mp3", true); does not work, whilst s.soundLoad("http://www.abc.com/sound.mp3", true); works; we can't use this as it will put a strain on our servers... )I therfore added the audio to each page through Lectora. This was okay, but when previewing the page through Firefox the audio 'clips' (periods of silence appear during playback). The audio is compressed to MP3 format; 22kHz, mono channel.I am keen to utilise cross-browser compatability, as we can reach a larger demographic. Lectora looks promising and i can only hope for a solution to this problem...I can provide a demo of this problem if required,Kind Regards,Richard LubomskiVirtual College