Form submission in 2006

tekprof Community Member Posts: 39
I had two cgi scripts that worked perfectly with 2005. One emailed the results, the second submitted the results to a database. I brought my awt file into 2006 and republished to HTML...then I moved all of the published files over to the server. That is when things got "interesting".On the email cgi I now get the variable value submitted to each other separated by a comma. So for example if variable Q1 had a value of 3, what comes across the email is Q1: 3,3 instead of Q1: 3When I try to submit it to the database I get an internal server error dialog box. That is probably due to the fact that it is attempting to submit the contents of the variable twice and that does not conform to the structure of the database.BTW, it makes no difference whether I select method as post or get.Edited By: tekprof on 2005-12-22 16:35:49