SCORM 2004 Manifest

onlinelearning2 Community Member Posts: 6
With two separate Lectora courses that I've published to SCORM 2004/Web based, using Lectora v. 2005 (2079): although both SCO's pass ADL's SCORM 1.3.3 testing suite without a problem, when I test the two separate imsmanifest files against ADL's testing suite, the manifests fail every time - ERROR:   The manifest is NOT valid against the controlling documents ERROR:   The manifest is NOT valid against the SCORM Application Profiles ....ERROR:   The IMS Manifest is Manifest CAM 1.3.1 Non-conformant I've downloaded additional XML testing software, and have identified a namespace problem that traces to ims_xml.xsd.Based on the contents of that file, this is apparently a known issue. Is there a recommended workaround?
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