Timer - Count-down or Count-up

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
I took Ben's great idea and added "Start" and "Stop" buttons to it so the counter can be controlled by the student (e.g., "Click Start when you are ready to begin"). Here's how:Make two buttons, Start and Stop (or get them from the button wizard). Also create a variable called RUN with the initial value of zero (0). On the Start button:1.     Modify the Run variable to SET it equal to 12.     Hide the Timer Display; delay 1 secondOn the Stop button, modify the Run variable to SET it equal to 0.Then on actions #2 (hide Timer Display), #3 (modify variable) and #4 (show Timer Display) of the original tip above, add the CONDITION that RUN is equal to 1.You may also want to add actions that hide your buttons when the RemainingTime variable is equal to 0 (Time’s Up), and/or a Reset button, etc.