Timer - Count-down or Count-up

benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
A Count-down or Count-up timer.Just had the need for a timer and thought I would look for one before inventing my own. Since I did not see one in Lectora, I have a workaround that many may be interested in.At the page level, add one action to set a variable called RemainingTime to the number of seconds you desire. On the page, create a text block, call it TimerDisplay. Add five actions:Action 1. On: Show; Action: Change Contents of TimerDisplay, New Contents = RemainingTime.Action 2. On: Show; Action: Hide TimerDisplay -- check Delay Before Action and enter 1.0 seconds.Action 3. On: Hide; Action: Modify Variable; Target: RemainingTime; Value =1; Modification Type: SubtractAction 4. On: Hide; Action: Show Timer Display; Condition: Perform only if RemainingTime is Greater Than 0.Action 5. On: Hide; Action: Display Message; Message = "Time's Up." Condition: Perform only if RemainingTime Equals 0.This can be modified to a count up timer by starting at zero and changing the conditions to stop at the desired time.benEdited By: bpitman on 2005-12-8 8:47:25