Making sure in js that swf was loaded

amrn Community Member Posts: 6
thru javascript you can actually capture whether an onload function exists on a page, and add another function to it so that it runs AFTER the original onload function has completed.This at least would allow the instance of the Flash Object to become established in the page before the function runs.You could also run a setInterval() function to run (at a specific interval) until the Flash Object has been detected, clear the interval event, and run the function.If it was me I'd make the 'isMuted' js variable a LECTORA variable, as it loads before the Flash Object and could be checked by the Flash Object as to the value of the VarisMuted.getValue().If you're running IE as your browser the Object will also return a value as to it's ready state, with a value of '4' meaning that it is fully loaded.SB