mu116 Community Member Posts: 7
I am using Lectora v.2005 to publish SCORM/Web-Based files. I want the course to open in a new 800x600 window. Right now it appears full-screen with the course in the top-left corner.While I was able to get this to work in IE, any steps I have taken have caused the window to open up as rows of Unicode UTF-16 characters in Firefox. I have to right-click and change each page on the View Source screen, which is fine until the cache is cleared. Then it goes back to Unicode. The default for my Firefox browser is set to Western iso-8859-1, so I don't know where these characters are coming from. I have tried editing the Trivantis.css and it didn't work. I have also tried using a separate HTML file to launch the new window, as well as editing the HTML that Lectora produces itself. What can I do to make the new window default to Western and open 800x600?