Add Document - rtf/ action change content

katherine Community Member Posts: 53
I am creating a program which needs closed caption text to be 508 compliant. When I view the program in preview modes it works great but then when I publish it, it does not display the text.Confused why preview would work and not why the published version would not, I thought that was what preview was for, to verify your program before publish.Here is what I did: In the pre first page area I added a global document and named it “caption text” the initial document is “0000.rtf”. There are global buttons that control when the text is shown and when it is hidden. On each page after that I have an action called “Change caption text” the action properties are On: Show, Action: Change Contents, Target: caption text, New Contents: 0001.rtf (this will change on each page to match the content/audio that is playing). In Preview mode it reads the rtf’s and everything looks great but then when I publish I get an error for each change content action “There is a Change Contents action on this page with an invalid destination.” What I see happening is that Lectora is converting the first rtf (0000.rft) to an html file but does not convert the rest of the called upon rtf files. I really need for this to be a global thing because once the user turns on the closed caption text it needs to stay on until the user turns it off again. Does anyone have any suggestions, the rtf’s have formatting that need to be kept, and I really don’t want to make each one into an external html page because I need to be able to edit the rft’s easily and allow others with no programming knowledge to edit them as well.Can anyone help?