Add Document - rtf/ action change content

katherine Community Member Posts: 53
Aaron,I don't think there is a way to set a variable to the contents of an RTF file. Am I missing something? I ran into this problem a couple of weeks ago, just figured it wasn't supported. It's a keen function that simplifies maintenance with the caveat that even when an SME or other low-tech edits the RTF, the title will still need to be republished.Kathleen, the other alternative I could recommend is to drive a Flash file through XML for the narration and have the generation script pick up the URI or another value to pull the node value. This should be pretty simple to accomplish, and would solve your problem partially. Users would still need a way to edit the text in a friendly format, which is another challenge. The advantage to this method is that the title wouldn't need to be republished whenever a text item changed.Steve