Using a .swf for my audio

wurtzy Community Member Posts: 43
Me again...I've converted all my audio (.wav) into .swf files. What I have going on is this: I added the .swf as an animation. I presently have it set with none of the general text boxes checked. What I want to do is display the bullet, then play the swf file. So I have an action attached with: On: Done Playing, Action: Show, Target: nextbulletItem. The problem is, the initial audio never plays. The first .swf/animation is already set to auto start, but it never starts, so it never gets to "Done Playing" and the next bullet never appears. The bullet has an action attached that says On:Show Action:Play Target:animationNameIs it possible that because I'm using the evaluation version, this feature won't work? It works perfectly in Run mode, but as soon as I publish it to SCORM/Web-based and run it on our LMS, no audio works. Thanks in advance!Edited By: Wurtzy on 2005-10-28 15:36:22