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Hello,I am working with a rather large title (approx 140 pages with videos, flash, images, etc.) and have been using External HTML/ASP scripting to capture querystring information, save those values to local variables, then pass those (and other) values back to a SQL Server database using Form Submits. The reason for this is to track a user's progress through the course, record their completion date, and/or return the user to the last page completed in the event they exit somewhere in the middle.This had been working very well with a much smaller course. My client had been building the actual course content (the 140+ pages) and used the "Import from Existing Title" feature to bring in the External HTML object I had created.Now, when running the title, a few things are happening: first off, the initial page that is used to capture the querystring values, set parameter values, and redirect the user to (a)course start page or (b)page they last completed is not loading. None of the images or navigation buttons that are supposed to be there are showing up.Several errors are coming up:Object doesn't support this property or methodbutton3811 is undefinedimage3816 in undefinedbutton3810 is undefinedbutton3809 is undefinedbutton3808 is undefinedimage227 is undefinedI have tried deleting/readding those buttons and images referenced above.I have tried deleting/readding each of the External HTML objects (thinking that maybe the import from existing title feature had something to do with this problem).I am running out of ideas... anybody have any ideas?BTW, I am using Lectora Enterprise v2005 SP4 (2663) and publishing to HTML.
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