Problems with AICC and LMS

kheavy Community Member Posts: 8
We're having a lot of problems getting AICC output courses to launch on our LMS (SumTotal/Docent 6.5). It hangs and the titlemanager page and sometimes give an error about a malformed URL or unable to get data from the server or just locks up the browser.I THINK that the problem is that our LMS doesn't send the protocol on the AICC_URL parameter and it's supposed to. The TitleManager applet can't determine (or doesn't) if it's supposed to be http or https - and it needs to be https.I see in the a001titlemgr.htm file that the entire URL is parsed solely in the applet and I don't see how I could manually insert this (hard code). The only thing that I can think of is to manually parse and insert it in the launch URL and reassemble it to be passed to the applet.Can anyone help?
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