Make and Print a Certificate

wurtzy Community Member Posts: 43
I am not sure how you get the user name from your LMS. Maybe you have the student enter it at the beginning of the course. Remember that their sign-on ID may not be the name they want printed.But once you have it you are part way there. To get the user displayed in a text field, examine how Lectora builds its page numbers. You can find this under Tools => Page numbering tools. You will see there that they take a variable and build what they want and then change the contents of a text box. Main problem I see now is how to print a clean document without the headers from either Lectora if you running an executable or the headers from the browser via an LMS. Can someone else help here?One lame work-around might be to launch a Word document that is the certificate and let them type in their name the way they want it. You can create a Word form that locks the user out of everything except their name. (Launching a document is done from an Action and selecting Launch a program/document.)ben Edited By: bpitman on 2005-10-27 23:38:42