Make and Print a Certificate

wurtzy Community Member Posts: 43
In response to the certificate page and the name being reversed coming from the LMS. Create a new variable named (namereversed). On the page where the certicate is, add an External HTML Object with "Other" selected. Paste the script below into the Custom HTML section. Now create a text field and name it "name". Put an action on the page to do the following: ON SHOW change the contents of Target "name" to New Contents "namereversed". The script supplied will reverse the name coming from the LMS to First Name, Last Name. This only works for AICC/SCORM courses. AICC_Student_Name0001 = new Variable( 'AICC_Student_Name', '', 0, 0, 'scorm', null, 'wmct5000' )var StudentName=AICC_Student_Name0001.getValue();var name_array=StudentName.split(",");var namereversed=(name_array[1]+" "+name_array[0]);Varnamereversed.set(namereversed);
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