custom feedback for multiple choice Q.s

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2005 doesn't appear to have anything like this either. You will have to create yours with three drop down lists from the forms toolbar. If anyone knows any different, please post.Before I talk about how I handled my, here is a tip. Create a title for your own use. In it, put each type of question along with its own text box like I described earlier. The text box is set up so you can click on it and it will display the answer variable of the question. Do this for the form objects too. This way, you know EXACTLY what you get from each type of question or form object. I discovered that the form checkbox is quite different from the question checkbox.Now, back to your problem. I have created activities using several questions and wanted a single evaluation (all correct / all not correct). What I did was check each of the questions for the right answer and if they ALL had the right answer then I set a temporary variable to "Correct", otherwise it was "Not Correct".I had three questions. Here were the actions I had on my done button. All were On Click.1. Modify variable: Temporary variable to "Not Correct". This is the default value. You don't need any conditions. Makes your life simpler and does not impact performance. (You only need one temporary variable in the whole title. You can use it over and over again. All it does is give you a way to combine all the answers into one a single value.)2. Modify variable: Temporary variable to "Correct" if all the conditions were met. Conditions: All have to be true. 3 conditions: one to check each of the 3 variables associated with each dropdown list for the correct value. Now you can check the temporary variable for "Correct" and take any actions you want.benEdited By: bpitman on 2005-11-2 6:36:51