custom feedback for multiple choice Q.s

robynnet Community Member Posts: 27
R,Couple of things. Are you running Lectora 2005? If so, your conditions should be testing: Variable... "Is Correct" not "Equals True". That may be part of your problem. Since I only have 2005, I do not what to tell you for earlier versions.Max you should need 4 separate actions:1. Show correct feedback if "Is Correct"2. Show incorrect feedback if "Is Not Correct"3. Hide correct feedback if "Is Not Correct"4. Hide incorrect feedback if "Is Correct"The only reason you should need the hide actions is if you allow them to retry the question and want to leave the previous feedback showing. Otherwise you would have this:a. At start, both correct and incorrect feedback have the Initially Visible property unchecked (they start out hidden)b. Done button has actions 1 and 2 above. c. Retry button has actions 3 and 4 above in addition to clearing the question variable to null.benEdited By: bpitman on 2005-11-2 6:37:57