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Sorry, I was not clear. I was referring to the Lectora questions. These are the only ones that provide the "Is Correct" condition in the Action. The "Is Correct" condition requires that all the correct answers be checked and none of the incorrect ones be checked. In my explanation earlier (#1, #2) you can put something else besides "Correct" and "Try Again". I am still not clear about your how you want it to work. Okay, you've got 5 answers, 3 correct, 2 not. Multiple choice / multiple answer questions some of the hardest to figure out how to grade or provide meaningful response. In the ones I have created, I took the easy out. If the learner did not get it right after a couple of tries, they could click the "Show Answer" button and a complete explanation of the correct answer could be explained. But to continue,A. Do you want a single feedback box? The way I handle this is to use two text boxes that overlay each other, one has the the feedback for the Is Correct and one for Is Not Correct. To the learner, they look like they are in the same place.B. What do you want to happen if they get 2 of the correct ones and nothing else?C. What do you want to happen if they get all the correct ones and one of the incorrect ones?If you want to start varying your feedback depending on whether or not the learner checked a particular answer (feedback on why a particular answer should or should not have been checked) you have a much more complicated job on your hands. You might be better advised to use the Form check boxes so that you will have 5 variables (one for each possible answer) instead of the Question that gives you 1 variable for all 5 boxes.ben
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