custom feedback for multiple choice Q.s

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When I use questions for activities rather than testing what was learned, do it this way.At the bottom of the screen is a "Check My Answer" button. When clicked, it's action is to show an adjoining button that says "Show Answer" as I do not want the student to get frustrated. You can also use a counter that gets set to zero when the page is displayed to not show this button until the student has tried a couple of times.Check My Answer button has 3 actions:1. Condition: question variable = "Is Not Correct"; Action: show text box with "Try again." (or you can Go To a special page and have pop-up. If you use this approach, you can attach an action to the page displayed that closes it after a delay of a few seconds so the user does not have to click the close box.)2. Condition: question variable = "Is Correct"; Action: show text box with "Correct." (or you can Go To a special page and have pop-up.)3. Condition: question variable = "Is Correct"; Action: Go To next page after 2 seconds.If you want to force them to get the question correct before moving on (which could be frustrating), then you need to attach these actions to whatever button you use to get to the next page. This will require that you have a unique button on the pages with questions as each will have different conditions. Just use the page properties to exclude from inheritance the next or previous page buttons and paste in a copy for that page.Hope this helps. ben
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