wild card characters for FITB Qs

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Krixquet wrote:

I mean for the person taking the test, a spell-checker before they submit their answers. We try to anticipate every way a person might misspell a word, but sometimes they just plumb get it wrong because of inventive spelling.
Oh, good point! Sorry I misunderstood. Actually, this is one of the reasons that I find it invaluable to have folks user-test my e-courses in a room together while I watch them...it allows me to catch additional misspellings that I didn't already anticipate when I set up all of the possible "correct" answers to the FITB question. Even if we did give the learner spell-checker capability, I'll be that most of us who do technical training have insider lingo, system acronymns, and other things that the spell checker probably wouldn't catch anyway.But I agree that having that functionality would be a nice plus!Laura