Conditions.. Is Correct / Is Not Correct

instrainer Community Member Posts: 15
Tim,I'm getting several javascript errors. The crazy thing is that when the title is in run mode within the Lectora IDE it runs fine. I submitted this problem to [email protected] along with a copy of the source files and java console log. I went to the extent of uninstalling and reinstalling Lectora, but without the SP 4 upgrade. When I recompiled the title and published to our LMS or HTML it runs fine without any JavaScripting errors.Something else was strange about the Title when using the SP 4 upgrade. When I exported the title to XML it created unusual tags that caused the XML parser to generate errors when attempting to reimport the XML. In addition, it didn't meet the format required by the dtd.If you need a copy of the source files I will be happy to forward them.-Jay