Tip for grouping actions

twanjanssen Community Member Posts: 26
How to make grouping of actions (e.g. hide 2 things with one button) a little bit easier:Don't expect miracles, but this tip may make your titles a little easier to create:Example: you have a caption you want to show when the mouse enters a certain area. The caption consists of two items: an image for its background, and a text box.You would create two actions 'Mouse Enter'. One to show the image, another to show the text. My approach would be, to somewhat group the background image and the text box. How? Create an action 'OnShow' for the image. It's action specification should be to show the text box. Do the same for the 'OnHide' of the image.Result: the screen area only needs 1 action: OnMouseEnter, show image123 (and the image will take care of showing its text as well).It doesn't reduce the amount of actions needed (in other words, I would still like Trivantis to add functionality to group items and/or to have multiple targets for an action), but in my experience it does save some time, especially when rearranging pages, or using copy/paste to add more things to a page.Hopefully this will be useful for some people.Twan