Tip for grouping actions

twanjanssen Community Member Posts: 26
I came to a similar situation and solved it in an other way. Case: I have 2 images, where image1 is shown "normally" and image2 is shown on mouse over.I placed both images in a group by selecting both, right-click them and group them. Image1 is set "Initially visible" and image2 is not. Than you create 2 actions, one for mouse-enter and one for mouse-exit. Both have the same action "On mouse enter-Toggle visibility state" and than select the group you have created". With these actions, mouse-enter and mouse-exit toggles the images when you move your mouse in-and-out image1.The same idea works also when you use transparent click-buttons and set them to toggle the visibility-state of the items in that group.Greets,Gert