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A. To save the current location, I use two variables for several reasons I won't go into. On page show, I have 2 actions. I set these up so they are global -- that is, they are actions that applied to the entire title. They must appear in this order.1. On: [SHOW] Modify Variable [last_loc_web_addr_back] Value: [VAR(last_loc_web_addr)]2. On: [SHOW] Modify Variable: [last_loc_web_addr] Value: [javascript:location.href]B. On the nav toolbar I set up for the course, I have the regular next page and prev page buttons. I also have a back button. Action: [Go to]   Target: [Web Address]   Address: [VAR(_last_loc_web_addr_back)]luck,benEdited By: bpitman on 38628.1695717593