Menu wish list

mikeg Community Member Posts: 63
If I have a button with a background image that measures 120 pixels, the button should be 120 pixels. If the text on the button says "Menu", the button width adjusts to the size of the text, ignoring the fact that the background button image is 120 pixels.It would be nice to use a standard set size for the button length regardless of the text length. Then, you just have to make sure your button text doesn't exceed the length of the background button image. In the end you have for instance, four horizontal buttons of equal length regardless of what text is on the buttons.It would also be nice to be able to use images as buttons without the need to type text. Currently, you have to type text to create the button. What if I create the buttons in photoshop with text on them. Then I don't want to use text from the menu applet.Edited By: Mike_G on 38615.425462963