Using a window to launch a launch pg

kstagg Community Member Posts: 230
Sure - use a little math.You're going to set the top left (x,y) of the browser window to a position on your screen by:1. Determine the width & height of your monitor(screen.height & screen.width)2. Get the width & height of your browser window (which you are setting)3.Subtract the browser window width from the screen.width, divide by 2,use this as the x pos4.Subtract the browser window height from the screen.height, divide by 2,use this as the y possomething like:var myWidth = 800;var myHeight = 600;var myX = ((screen.width)-myWidth)/2;var myY = ((screen.height)-myHeight)/2;top.window.moveTo(myX,myY);Again I didn't test it but it should be close.Good Luck
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