Using a window to launch a launch pg

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Tim and SBelzer...I'm getting the same problem that Dan is. The External HML scripting is showing up at the top of every page. I think where we're having the problem is that I'm inserting the following at the root level of the course as Top of File Scripting External HTML:top.window.resizeTo(myWindowWidth,myWindowHeight); top.window.moveTo(0,0); SBelzer noted:myWIndowWidth and myWindowHeight should be integers.I went in and added a Variable called myWindowWidth and gave it an initial value of 775 and told it to Retain Variable Value between sessions. I performed the similar action for myWindowHeight but gave it an initial value of 550, and told it to Retain Variable Value between sessions as well.Also, could you explain how the items we create in Lectora/Publisher are launched within a frameset?Many, many thanks -Kevin Edited By: kstagg on 38604.4828472222
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