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Ok, it's not as confusing a situation as it sounds.Basically, I've created a SCORM-based site whereby the pages were built with dimensions of: 735X550.Here's the thing, I upload the course to my LMS and it opens up in full screen so you see all this empty space and kinda throws off the whole look and feel of the course. I've talked to the LMS provider and they say that there is no way to set the launch button to open up at a particular size.So I figure I'd try and "trick" the LMS by making my first page basically blank with the exception of a text link saying to "click here to open this course". It is within this text link that I set parameters to open up the next page (the true first page of the course) using certain height/width parameters.I've uploaded the site and sure enough, the text link on the very first page opens up my course to the specifications I want. But I click the next button and I get a warning of:This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?It's referring to the flash items I have on the page. Now, I've always come across the item and when I click "Yes", am able to navigate throughout the course no problem. But it is giving me this message on EVERY page that has flash content on it (basically every page of the course). It has only starting doing this since I've jerry-rigged the splash page to open up the way I want to.Why would it be doing this?Thanks -KevinEdited By: kstagg on 38595.5101388889
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