Info passed between Browsers?

scooterpdx Community Member Posts: 18
Instead of developing an online course in-house, my company is opting to purchase access to a course accessible through the internet. :(However, since we are set up to track Lectora courses published in-house (using NETg's SVM), we cannot track the information captured in the internet course. Instead, we would get a data file with scores/logins/etc. which we would then have to import into our student tracking system.We are looking into the option of launching the course in a separate window through Lectora, then somehow having user data (score, section completion) passed from the internet course back to Lectora.I do not think this is possible, but thought I would post the query anyway. I know you can pass variables from Flash files to Lectora, but that is within the same browser window.Anybody have any feedback? Thanks.
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