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Hi all,I'm a Lectora newbie attempting to build some templates for my organization. I built a branching course that worked as intended, but when a colleague copied my pages and customized, the navigation no longer worked. As I've worked to figure this out, several questions have come up. Any insight would be very much appreciated! Apologies for the length.Question 1: Is there a way to set up Questions so there is no Correct answer?We're teaching soft skills and there is no correct answer necessarily. Instead of branching by Correct/Incorrect, we're branching according to the answer selected in 3-choice MC questions. So on the Done button, I set 3 Actions: Action 1: On Click, go to page 100 if Answer is Equal to Choice 1.Action 2: On Click, go to page 200 if Answer is Equal to Choice 2.Action 3: On Click, go to page 300 if Answer is Equal to Choice 3. This worked for me, but when my colleague copied/pasted/altered, the Done button went to the next page regardless of choice. Of course, the Done button has an Action set in the Properties: On click Go to Next page. Question 2: To add actions for a 3-choice MC question, should I put the Action for Choice 1 in the button properties, then add Actions for Choice 2 and Choice 3? Or should I leave the button property action on the default and add 3 Actions? Is there a hierarchy for Actions in the Properties versus those attached?Finally, as I was building the Questions, I noticed that Lectora placed the Done button object above the Question object in the tree. Seems to me that the Question needs to precede the button so that the Actions can work. Question 3: Within a page, does it matter which order objects appear in the timeline if all items are initially visible?I've experimented with moving things around but I'm not sure the results I got are consistent, and I suspect I might be overthinking this. Thanks for any help with clarifying. Once I get the template worked out, I know my colleagues will be asking these questions.Cheers,Kathy
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