Could we have a proper HTML formated Table Tool?

bruman Community Member Posts: 54
At this time in Lectora version 9 (I am not seeing this in Lectora X), the only we to create a table is by first adding a text block and then within the text block, insert a table. What happens within the code is that a div is created around the table code.


div id="text1"

a name="text1anc"

table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=1

tr valign=top

td width='110' height='16'

div class="alignleft"

Why is this important?

This means the div which represents the text block has a ID (identifer) and not the table, plus not being able to add a row header versus row data makes it hard to read for accessibility.

Also if I want to reference the table by ID that allows me to modify the design of the table using CSS or even using jQuery for formating ascending and descending columns make it harder.

Yes I know I can format a table using the External HTML Object but seeing as how Chart Tool, Image Tool, Page Numbering Tool, Animation Tool, and others have been implemented, I believe a Table Tool would be a great and welcomed addition to the Lectora authoring tool.